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The Age of the Earth Is God’s Business by Pastor Dan Delzell While Christians agree on the doctrine of the Trinity and the Gospel message […]

Comparing Psychology to Theology by Pastor Dan Delzell Scores of professionals, including many Christian counselors, utilize various aspects of psychology when advising individuals, couples and […]

America’s Freedom Stems From Christians Loving Jehovah by Pastor Dan Delzell The history of America is an open book. It’s a history of reliance upon […]

When Man Hardens His Heart Toward God by Pastor Dan Delzell One of the worst things a person can do is harden their heart toward […]

How the Law Leads People to Christ by Pastor Dan Delzell “The law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might […]

Raising Children Who Love Jesus by Dan Delzell With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, it is the perfect time to address the vital role […]

Rejecting Jesus for All the Wrong Reasons by Pastor Dan Delzell If you are going to make the monumental decision to reject the love of […]

Walking in the Spirit vs. Walking in the Flesh by Pastor Dan Delzell The New Testament presents a stark contrast between “walking in the Spirit” […]

Jesus Is a Believer’s Justification and Sanctification by Pastor Dan Delzell You and I cannot save our souls, and we also cannot make ourselves holy. […]

The Biblical Distinction Between ‘Gift’ and ‘Reward’ by Pastor Dan Delzell There is a world of difference between a “gift” and a “reward.” A gift […]