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What is a Christian? by Pastor Dan Delzell So what exactly is a Christian? Is it a person who believes certain things? Or maybe a […]

How to Have Peace Like a River by Pastor Dan Delzell I have never met a person who didn’t want to experience peace. I am […]

God Will Save Anyone But Not Everyone by Pastor Dan Delzell There is a reason why Jesus is called “the Savior of the world,” and […]

Transitioning from Atheism to Agnosticism to Christianity by Pastor Dan Delzell There is no question that Christianity presents some startling claims about God, man, and […]

Holy Decisions Spark Holy Desires by Pastor Dan Delzell Have you ever noticed that the word “holy” tends to get a bad rap? After all, […]

Does Jesus Care Whether I Attend Church? by Pastor Dan Delzell If you identify yourself as a Christian, then I assume it really matters to […]

When Good Friday and Easter Become Personal by Pastor Dan Delzell Jesus won’t mean much to you until you are able to speak about Him […]

Unconditional Love Doesn’t Always Include Unconditional Acceptance by Pastor Dan Delzell “If God really loves me, then He should accept me just the way I […]

How Your Lifestyle Sways What You Believe by Pastor Dan Delzell Do you realize just how dramatically your lifestyle influences what you believe? It really […]

Joshua’s Battles Point to Victory Over Sin by Pastor Dan Delzell You probably know that “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho.” These words from the […]