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Christ Cannot Be One of Many Gods by Pastor Dan Delzell Every religion in the world can only be truly understood in the reflection of […]

Christians are Skeptics of a Different Kind by Pastor Dan Delzell If you are under the impression that a person cannot be both a Christian […]

Philippians for Catholics, Protestants and Every Christian by Pastor Dan Delzell Christianity provides believers with: (1) the certainty of eternal life in heaven; (2) the […]

7 Things Believers Want Unbelievers to Know by Pastor Dan Delzell Most Christians want everyone to grasp God’s love for them. And with that in […]

Leave Your Grave Clothes Alone by Pastor Dan Delzell After Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, “the dead man came out, his hands and feet […]

Galatians for Catholics,¬†Protestants¬†and Every Christian by Pastor Dan Delzell Some people in matters of faith initially seem to receive the Gospel message of salvation, but […]

Kill Your Sin Before It Kills You by Pastor Dan Delzell Eight years ago, a 34-year-old man in Papillion was strangled by his pet boa […]

Ephesians for Catholics,¬†Protestants and Every Christian by Pastor Dan Delzell Much of the New Testament consists of letters written by the apostle Paul around the […]

Can Unbelief Be ‘Cast Out’ Like Demons? by Pastor Dan Delzell One of the prominent features of Jesus’ earthly ministry was the casting out of […]

Your Words Reveal Your Heart by Pastor Dan Delzell Since being introduced in 2012, the mobile app Snapchat has had quite a run. Millions of […]