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When Man Fails to Grasp God’s Kindness by Pastor Dan Delzell Man doesn’t get it. By nature, man tends to think that God is harsh […]

The Difference Between Joy and Happiness by Pastor Dan Delzell Happiness is like a water fountain. Joy is like a waterfall. Happiness is often quite […]

Joshua’s Battles Point to Victory Over Sin by Pastor Dan Delzell You probably know that “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho.” These words from the […]

Childlike Faith Isn’t Just for Little Children by Pastor Dan Delzell When was the last time you watched a little child listening and responding to […]

When Sinful Desires War Against Your Soul by Pastor Dan Delzell Everyone is a stranger in one of two ways. You are either a stranger […]

What Is Your Easter Narrative? by Pastor Dan Delzell Everyone has an Easter narrative, whether they realize it or not. You see, there are only […]

40 Questions to Determine the True Religion by Pastor Dan Delzell Jesus Christ tended to ask plenty of questions during His time on earth. That’s […]

7 Positive Ways to Deal with Anger by Pastor Dan Delzell We all get angry at times. It’s a part of life. So how can […]

Billy Graham’s Good News Is Timeless by Pastor Dan Delzell After nearly a century on earth, Billy Graham has finally arrived home in heaven. I […]

Turning to the Lord Lifts the Veil by Pastor Dan Delzell Why is it that so many people do not see Jesus the way Christians […]